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Best Stories Balloon Challenge: Colegio Tajamar

Colegio Tajamar

The Colegio Tajamar Balloon Team based out of Madrid, Spain, brought together parents, students, and the faculty of the Colegio Tajamar, as well as the local community, to launch their impressive entry into the GSBC. The project began with two accomplished programmers, Javier Alonso and Diego Peinador, and through the efforts of Juan Pablo Sánchez, professor of Mathematics at the Colegio Tajamar, brought in a host of bright young students who set their eyes towards the sky. The following students worked hard on this project: Carlos Martínez Ramos, Javier García Calleja, Iván Ledesma Casado, Pablo Almarza Marqués, and Javier Martinez-Algora. 
Through the Challenge, these students learned and accomplished excellent work in the use of microelectronics, programming, antenna design, and fundamental engineering principles. They helped design, build, and launch a balloon payload that boasted a number of impressive features: APRS, in-house antenna design, GPS/UV/acceleration/temperature/pressure sensing capabilities, and a sleek payload optimization layout. Despite extremely adverse weather conditions, the Colegio Tajamar Balloon Team fought through high wind, torrential downpours, and the cold to successfully launch and recover their payload, which had ascended to over 35,000 meters (114,900 feet).
Tajamar’s launch was a true community effort, and according to the team, has helped show the students of the Colegio the value of education and of pursuing their dreams, as well as the importance of teamwork and collaboration. We look forward to seeing great things from you next year!


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